Mr Arthritis

I like many of you have been glued to the Olympics especially with GB doing so well. They say that the Olympics inspires people to get involved in sport. I was watching the Keiran Cycling on Saturday and it inspired me to order a pizza.

The only thing I don’t like about the coverage is that Claire Balding is on the TV night and day. Am I the only person in th UK who thinks that she is overated. Next time you seen her conduct an interview look at her face, she shows no expression, she is not listening to what is being said other than what someone upstairs is telling her to say. Rant over

My Brother surprised me this week when he informed me that he was going to be a male model for the day. My brother is to male modelling what Stephen Hawking is to a jogging coach, this is until he informed me what he was modelling for. He is being photographed for a campaign to stop becoming diabetic, he will be the new face of Mr Diabetes. It got me thinking what they would offer me as a modelling job, Mr Arthritis.

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New Club Needed

The Dust is settling now on Brexit and people have calmed down. Readers of this blog know I was someone who sat on the fence on the outcome as I saw reasons to stay and reasons to pull out. My main problem is that The European Union was like a club. Great fun when you join but after a while you find out that new members get more out of the club than you, then they increase the membership and you get less perks, the club then take you for granted until you get fed up and leave.

What is needed now is a sensible approach on how this club can work best for all, change a few rules and listen to peoples complaints. The European Union is like my local cricket club, they always want your money as they are skint, the money that goes in only helps the certain few to enjoy the facilities, they have an ability to run the place as it has for years though it is losing money and will not let new blood in to the club to improve it.

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Tsunami warning

It is now 40 years since the UK was bathed in wall to wall sunshine and we suffered a drought. I remember it very well as a 9 year old in 1976, we lived in a house where a river run through the garden. With a hose pipe ban in place we decided to block the river up and flood our lawns which we did very successfully. The problem was when the dam had done its job, we decided to kick the dam away, it was like something out of the dambusters, you have never seen or heard anything like it as the water rushed pass like a tsunami causing the water spray to form a rainbow in the air. We thought nothing of it and went to bed like normal. A few days went past and then we had a knock at the door and on the doorstep was a uniformed man, who had been sent from the equivalent of todays Environment Agency, he was looking in to the sudden tidal wave that had hit the river Bourne a few days earlier. My father told him that it was us damming the river. The uniformed man smiled and laughed and said he did not mind us damming the stream but in future could we let it go more gradually as this time half a mile down stream an old lady had put a bucket in the river to water her tomatoes only to see her bucket wrenched from her hands as a tidal wave swept past her.  Happy Days back then.

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Early Xmas Orders

A nice weekend away in Devon, lovely weather and lovely food. Have discovered my new favourite food is Turbot. It is quite expensive but for a treat it is better than lobster.

Last week in July and the Schools are shut and only 6 weeks until we start our Autumn campaigns, it is time to start thinking about diaries, calendars and Christmas gifts. All orders received before 1st September receive a 10% discount. You benefit on a better price and nothing to pay until delivery.


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20% Off

We have so much news in the last 3 weeks. Brexit, new prime minister, labour party in meltdown and then Nice and Turkey over the weekend. Hopefully we can have a period of calm now.

Looking forward to holiday in Europe next month so hoping we will have a uninterrupted travel plan.

Here we are on the hottest day of the year and I have just ordered 250 chocolate advent calendars, and also working on next years Year book. No wonder the year goes by so quickly.

Old joke I heard at the weekend: “why are Jewish men circumcised? Because Jewish women always want 20% off everything.

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Windy Miller Innocent

The Referendum was a shock, all tough my 51% 49% prediction was accurate it was the wrong way round.

Lets hope the main political parties can sort themselves out instead of acting like headless chickens. With all the commotion with Brexit I nearly missed the news about the death of Gordon Murray creator of Camberwick Green and Trumpton. I had fond memories of when I was home from school sick, watching Camberwick Green and Trumpton and it’s nice to have something from childhood now that has not been tainted with allegations of sexual abuse. I am hoping Windy Miller and Doctor Mopp are clean and there is nothing murky about there past.


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Horlicks anyone

The big day has arrived for voting in our referendum. After all the debates it is still to close to call, but my prediction is for a remain but by a 51% to 49%. The debate last night on channel 4 was awful, what have channel 4 done to Jeremy Paxman, it was like Celebrity Big Brother meets Jeremy Kyle.

All the debates have not answered any main questions on either side, so people will go with the safe option and stay.  The remain side have not answered on how they will build new schools, hospitals and other infrastructure for the increase in our population and the leave have no credible plans for the economy when we leave.  It is difficult to make a decision when you are given so little facts, its like having guests in your house and offering them a choice of tea or coffee when you know you only have Horlicks in the cupboard.

Tonight I plan to watch the results coming in while drinking a French red wine with an English cheese board. You can’t call me Xenophobic!!


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Shake it all about

Big grudge match in our household tonight as my partner is Russian. My heart says come on England where as all my other body parts say come on Russia. An England win could see her rushing to B&Q for some plutonium to put on my cornflakes.

It is all happening now with the Football, Royal Ascot next week and only two weeks left until the referendum. I went to a party last night and was asked the big question was I In or was I out. It was a good question as we were doing the hokey cokey at the time.

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90% of all facts made up on the spot

A lovely week off last week in the Island of Alderney. Have returned with batteries recharged ready for the onslaught of business that will happen after the European Referendum. It is going to be a tight contest and the odds are getting closer, I still think remain will win the day, but it will be close.  I watched the debate last night and thought Cameron’s comments on 90% Economist have said that there was a risk to the UK economy if we leave.  In reality it is 90% of the 400 they have asked and not all Economists, its bit like those adverts for shampoo where 70% of people love there product, but if you look at the small print they have only asked 200 people, hardly a strong representation.

Anyway after all my injuries this year, I have been back to the doctors ” I said I have a very swollen” and suddenly he shouted “whoa too much inflammation”

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