Mispelt youth

Interesting to see that they are trying to change the word Dyslexic as it is to demeaning. The same thing happened with The Spastic society which is now called Scope. It is very difficult for words not to become demeaning to those who suffer with it, as it is children themselves who parody the words in playgrounds around the country. When I was at School the local mental hospital was called Botleys Park, when reading aloud in class and you made an error “You Botley” would echo around the classroom from all the other pupils. Later “Botley” was replaced by “joey” from the unfortunately disabled Joey Deacon who was a feature on Blue Peter at the time.

I also had a form of Dyslexia when I was young in fact I had a misspelt youth and regular readers of this blog can see clearly that I still suffer from bad spelling and punctuation,. The trouble is we cannot change the way  children grow up and I am sure there will be other words that will suddenly mean something else and demean someone less fortunate.

If we were to get rid of the word we could not tell jokes like. How many dyslexics does it take to change a blight lulb  & my favourite A dyslexic couple in bed and one says to the other “can you smell gas” the other one replies “don’t be silly I can’t even smell my own name”

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