Happy Christmas

Sorry no blog for a few weeks as been tied up with moving house. So here we are the last blog of the year. To all my clients who follow this blog may I wish you a Happy Christmas and thank you for your continued custom and to my competitors who read this blog, I also wish you a Happy Christmas.

2016 will go down as an eventful year with Brexit and the Election of Donald Trump, for me it has been a up and down year with a broken wrist and three trapped nerves in my neck through February and March, which made me miss the Cheltenham Festival, I also lost my friend and IT Support in Steve Mitchell who died in February of pancreatic cancer at the tender age of 48. 2016 seem to be a year that we lost so many people.

2016 may have started badly but things did gradually improve and business was good throughout August to November and socially I had a lovely time the highlight being a trip to Prague for my partners Daughters wedding in August.

What will 2017 bring us, whatever it is I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year

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