Beware of the Outsider

Only 3 weeks left until the USA Election. Anyone who says Hilary Clinton will definitely win, can I remind you of Brexit and Conservative election wins, these were also outside bets in a two horse race. It is mind blowing that it is still too close to call.

Last week I was trying to update my LinkedIn page as I have neglected it, so thought I would put on a nice photo. I said to my partner Lara, did she had any photo’s of me where I look professional, she replied “Darling you have never looked professional” everyone is a critic even your nearest and dearest.

Summer all ways takes ages to arrive but Autumn arrives bang on time, only 3 weeks until the clocks go back. I must remind you that it is the season to order your Christmas giveaways, as in the words uttered by the late Fred Pontin “Book Early”

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