Poker in the snug

So Sam Alladyce leaves England with a 100% win record, remember that fact for quiz questions in the future. With West Hams current form I can see Big Sam back at the Hammers before Christmas. Jeremy Corbin has been mentioned as a future England Manager but has nobody who can play down the center or on the right wing.

It was nice to see so many tributes to Terry Wogan yesterday, the Janet & John stories told on Radio Two at 8.00am were comedy gems, many a morning I would have to stop the car as could not drive as was laughing so much it hurt. I put the following on Facebook on Friday as a memory of the Janet & John Stories

Today I am going to Tesco to swap my Croft Original Sherry for some Harvey’s Bristol, I am then going to meet my young girlfriend in the back room of a pub for a game of cards. I am looking forward to cream for my dry sack and then to poker her in the snug.


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