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Sorry for no blog for a while I have been away on holiday travelling to a wedding in Prague. We managed to clock up 1900 miles through Europe in 8 days driving through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Czech Republic. The French are a cunning nation, we fell in to the trap of having to buy a drivers kit to include headlight stickers, warning triangles and breathalysers. After paying £35 for this kit, we drove out of Dunkirk and were in Belgium after 20 minutes where the rule does not apply and also advised that they are not a legal requirement as we are still in the European Union.

We had our first night in Cologne and were glad that our first hotel had a swimming pool. After travelling 350 miles in a 90 degree heat we were looking forward to a swim, only to find that the Germans have a naked swimming policy. The plan changed straight away and we headed for a bar instead, after a few drinks Dutch courage started to kick in so we decided to give it a crack if you pardon the pun. It is amazing that when we went in it was very quiet only for it to get very busy, I was just worried that the Germans would ask me to leave as I made them feel inadequate!!!

If you visit Czech Republic everyone always goes to Prague, it is a lovely City but if you have longer you must visit Karlovy Vary and Cesky Krumlov. These are very beautiful parts of the country and well worth a visit.

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