Stollen Rules

Sports personality of the year nominations have been released today and I have only heard of half of them. I would think Lewis Hamilton will be favourite to win.  They should change it to Sports achievement of the year as many sportsmen lack a personality. The year Nigel Mansell won it I think Desert Orchid should have won it as he had far more charisma.

Last year Stollen bread out sold Mince pies for the first time in the UK, however Hound Promotions can say that Mince pies have out sold stollen for us this year. I like both of them, though Stollen you can eat on its own where as a mince pies need to have cream.

First Christmas doo on Friday, as the self employed men of Chobham attend our annual lunch at Rules in London. This restaurant has remained my favourite place to dine, this time of year it is has everything great food served in a traditional Christmas decorated atmosphere it is like stepping back in time.

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