Lola she is a show girl

A very belated Happy New Year.

January is nearly over and still not finished the Planning for 2017. I don’t know where the time goes, but with a new edition to the family called Lola, who is a black Labrador cross, she takes up a lot of the time now. We will be aiming to put images on Facebook soon, as after 8 years of Hound Promotions we have our very own Hound. At the moment she is being a right pain in the backside but we love her.

Off to exhibitions this week to find new products so will be updating you soon.

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Happy Christmas

Sorry no blog for a few weeks as been tied up with moving house. So here we are the last blog of the year. To all my clients who follow this blog may I wish you a Happy Christmas and thank you for your continued custom and to my competitors who read this blog, I also wish you a Happy Christmas.

2016 will go down as an eventful year with Brexit and the Election of Donald Trump, for me it has been a up and down year with a broken wrist and three trapped nerves in my neck through February and March, which made me miss the Cheltenham Festival, I also lost my friend and IT Support in Steve Mitchell who died in February of pancreatic cancer at the tender age of 48. 2016 seem to be a year that we lost so many people.

2016 may have started badly but things did gradually improve and business was good throughout August to November and socially I had a lovely time the highlight being a trip to Prague for my partners Daughters wedding in August.

What will 2017 bring us, whatever it is I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year

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awful or brilliant

If you have been reading this blog the last few months I warned about ignoring the outsider in the US Election, three times now the outsiders have come in now. Donald Trump has now won and we will have to see what President he will be, I think it will be either awful or brilliant nothing in between. I remember back in 1980 when Ronald Reagan become President he was lampooned as being a fool and he turned out to be a good president. I know Donald Trump has no experience of politics, but it maybe a good thing. I am sure when he is sworn in, the establishment will show him the real footage of the assassination of John Kennedy and tell him “fit in or else”

Still taking orders for Pre Christmas delivery, Only 34 days to go!!

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Strictly News Worthy

It is a funny old world now, I remember when Saturday night viewing on the TV was never News worthy apart from The Shooting of JR Ewing. That was only news worthy because it was such a cliffhanger and bookmakers had odds on whodunit. Why are X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing news stories, don’t get me wrong I like Strictly but I don’t really care about if one has decided to quit or if they have all caught STD’s from each other it is only an entertainment program. Call me an old curmudgeon but I like my news to be factual and my Saturday viewing entertaining I do not want the opposite.

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Beware of the Outsider

Only 3 weeks left until the USA Election. Anyone who says Hilary Clinton will definitely win, can I remind you of Brexit and Conservative election wins, these were also outside bets in a two horse race. It is mind blowing that it is still too close to call.

Last week I was trying to update my LinkedIn page as I have neglected it, so thought I would put on a nice photo. I said to my partner Lara, did she had any photo’s of me where I look professional, she replied “Darling you have never looked professional” everyone is a critic even your nearest and dearest.

Summer all ways takes ages to arrive but Autumn arrives bang on time, only 3 weeks until the clocks go back. I must remind you that it is the season to order your Christmas giveaways, as in the words uttered by the late Fred Pontin “Book Early”

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Halsbury Awards

A very enjoyable Night at The Halsbury Legal Awards at Grosvenor Hotel last Thursday. We were a sponsor of the Media and PR award and presented the award to The Supreme Court of United Kingdom. The night was hosted by Stephen Mangan who was very entertaining. To View more images of the night you can visit the following link. visit

We are now in to October and you need to be deciding on your calendars & diaries for next year. Order now pay later

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Poker in the snug

So Sam Alladyce leaves England with a 100% win record, remember that fact for quiz questions in the future. With West Hams current form I can see Big Sam back at the Hammers before Christmas. Jeremy Corbin has been mentioned as a future England Manager but has nobody who can play down the center or on the right wing.

It was nice to see so many tributes to Terry Wogan yesterday, the Janet & John stories told on Radio Two at 8.00am were comedy gems, many a morning I would have to stop the car as could not drive as was laughing so much it hurt. I put the following on Facebook on Friday as a memory of the Janet & John Stories

Today I am going to Tesco to swap my Croft Original Sherry for some Harvey’s Bristol, I am then going to meet my young girlfriend in the back room of a pub for a game of cards. I am looking forward to cream for my dry sack and then to poker her in the snug.


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Just Not English

Sorry for no blog for a while I have been away on holiday travelling to a wedding in Prague. We managed to clock up 1900 miles through Europe in 8 days driving through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Czech Republic. The French are a cunning nation, we fell in to the trap of having to buy a drivers kit to include headlight stickers, warning triangles and breathalysers. After paying £35 for this kit, we drove out of Dunkirk and were in Belgium after 20 minutes where the rule does not apply and also advised that they are not a legal requirement as we are still in the European Union.

We had our first night in Cologne and were glad that our first hotel had a swimming pool. After travelling 350 miles in a 90 degree heat we were looking forward to a swim, only to find that the Germans have a naked swimming policy. The plan changed straight away and we headed for a bar instead, after a few drinks Dutch courage started to kick in so we decided to give it a crack if you pardon the pun. It is amazing that when we went in it was very quiet only for it to get very busy, I was just worried that the Germans would ask me to leave as I made them feel inadequate!!!

If you visit Czech Republic everyone always goes to Prague, it is a lovely City but if you have longer you must visit Karlovy Vary and Cesky Krumlov. These are very beautiful parts of the country and well worth a visit.

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